English Seminar

“COVID-19 & The Gospel” Seminar – 2020


How can we encourage people whose work is suffering from the COVID-19 crisis? Simply telling them “hang in there,” or “Jesus says,..” may actually do more harm than good. Why? And how can we do better?

The Light Project introduced the “COVID-19 Work Disruption Tool – a model for applying the hope of the gospel.” This tool was created by Global Faith & Work Initiative, the Faith & Work arm of  Redeemer City to City, based in New York. With their permission, the LIGHT Project will present this useful model, contextualized to Japan’s unique circumstances.

Contents:The complex and widespread nature of work disruption highlights varying spiritual and physical needs and temptations. These correspond differently to different people’s work situations, and in turn call for different ways to apply the hope of the gospel. This presentation will help us think more deeply about how to serve others appropriately in the current crisis. Some recent participants in this seminar are already using this material with small groups and in other situations.

If you are interested to receive more information on this in English, please email us at info@lightproject.jp