Partnership パートナーシップ

Prayer 祈り

We would love your prayers as we pursue this project that God is calling us to!


Give 支援

Thank you for your support! All the ministry expenses including salary and meeting room rental fees are covered by support and participant fees.

ご支援に感謝します! このミニストリーに関わる経費(給料や会場費を含む)のすべては、寄付と参加費で賄っています。

From the U.S. : All donations are tax-deductible in the U.S.

  • The U.S. based donations by checks (preferable method due to no admin fee) are handled by “Oak Mountain Presbyterian Church”. Checks should be made out to “Impact Japan” and clearly marked as designated for “Light Project” and mailed to Oak Mountain Presbyterian Church – Attn:  Missions, 5080 Cahaba Valley Trace, Birmingham, AL 35242.
  • Other method of donations are handled by “Mission to the World” with small fee. Please go to MTW Light Project’ site: MTW Project #92907- Tokyo Light Project.

From the U.K.  : to Japan Christian Link, a UK charity – mention the Light Project in your instructions

日本とその他の海外から (From Japan and other countries)

銀行名:    三菱UFJ銀行
支店名:    堀留支店(店番322)
名義:       グレ-スシテイチヤ-チトウキヨウ 
Bank:              MUFG Bank, Ltd. 
Branch:            Horidome Branch 
Account Number: 0118632 (with branch number 322-0118632) 
Account Name:  Grace City Church Tokyo
(This is designated only for the Light Project account.)

For questions, please contact Tomoko Sacks at 

ご質問は、  サックス知子までお願いします。