We are looking for partners working together and support us. All activities are supported by your precious donations and participation fees. Thank you very much.

Prayer Partners

Please pray with us that this ministry will move forward according to God's plan and guidance. We have formed prayer teams, and you are welcome to join us.

Participating, Referral and Ministry Partners

We invite you to participate in our Faith and Work training courses, and introduce your friends and acquaintances about our activities. We would be encouraged you to "like" and follow us on Facebook. We also would like to have ministry partners.

Financial Support Partner

The following donation options are available. Thank you for your heart to support us.


Donations with this method are NOT tax-deductible in the U.S. or U.K. See below for tax-deductible methods.

By credit cards/On-line donation

Donation amount
Donation frequency


銀行名: 三菱UFJ銀行

支店名: 西荻窪支店(店番748)

預金種類: 普通預金

口座番号: 0188773

口座名義: ライト プロジエクト サツクス トモコ

From the U.S. – Tax-deductible

These donations are tax-deductible in the U.S.

By mailing check/ACH wire transfer/credit card

(preferred method due to no admin fee, very low handling charge)

1) Mailing

Please have the check made out to “Missions Impact Japan”, and clearly designate it for “LIGHT PROJECT” on the memo line.

The mailing address is:


Oak Mountain Presbyterian Church

5080 Cahaba Valley Trace

Birmingham, AL 35242

2) ACH wire transfer or credit card

Please go to the Oak Mountain Presbyterian Church's give site

Through a giving platform called Subsplash, which is listed at the bottom of the site. An explanation of how it works is also on the same page. (Please note there is another platform listed at the top of the site.)

From your account page, please choose "Missions Impact Japan" from the Fund column, and specify "LIGHT PROJECT" in the memo section.(THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT.)

Please send an email about your donation to to confirm your donation.

By credit card/Electronic checks

(Admin fee included)

Please go to the MTW Light Project site: MTW Project #92907- Tokyo Light Project

From the U.K. – Tax-deductible

JCL can provide all of the receipts needed for tax purposes and can claim tax back on the gift.

Go to Japan Christian Link, a UK charity – mention the Light Project in your instructions.

Please contact Tomoko Sacks for more details.


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