WS-20191022 BILINGUAL WS 日英WS 


テーマ: 行き過ぎた心のよりどころ:お金、成功、承認

The first bi-lingual workshop! 

Theme: Money, Success, Recognition – Counterfeit Gods


Three speakers who have different secular jobs and background talked about their struggles and faith & work. The participants had group discussion afterward.






Steven Lawrence

Born in Montego Bay, Jamaica. Immigrated and raised in Toronto, Canada. Moved to the US in 2001 for more economic opportunity and received MBA in Finance from Boston College. Works as a Financial Analyst at ConEd and owns a nurse staffing company. Married with a 5 year old boy and 2 year old girl!  Started attending Redeemer in 2013 and was baptised in 2016. Currently serves as a deacon for West Side. Loves history and antiquity and is a mixologist.

New York, Redeemer Presbyterian Church


韓国ソウル生まれ。9歳の時、NYに移住。イタリア、ギリシャ、アラブ人たちの住むNYのブルックリンで育ち、医学博士号を取得。ロングアイランド在住。サウスダコタ、アラスカ、セントトーマス、ニューヨーク州など、国内のさまざまな地域の旅行医として働いている。 ペルーで医療ミッションを行った。 2001年にリディ―マー教会に通い始める。キックボクシングや柔術を含むアマチュア混合格闘技(MMA)に約13年間熱心で、最近黒帯を獲得。


Skylar Suk

Born in Seoul, South Korea, immigrated to NY at age 9. Grew up in Brooklyn, NY, in a predominantly Italian, Greek and Arab neighborhood. Received MD medical degree in Brooklyn and currently lives in Long Island.  Works as a traveling physician in various parts of the country, including South Dakota, Alaska, St Thomas and NY state. Did medical missions in Peru. Started attending Redeemer in 2001. Avid in amateur Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) including Kickboxing and Jujitsu for about 13 years and recently received black belt in MMA.

New York, Redeemer Presbyterian Church


大阪府出身。父の仕事の関係で中国・上海で計7年間過ごす。大学進学を機に帰国、機械工学を修了し総合商社に勤務、営業職としてインドネシアでの電力事業の開発に携わっている。2年間ジャカルタに駐在。クリスチャンホームで育ち、生まれる前から教会に通い、小学1年生のクリスマスに受洗し、特に教会を離れることなく、いっぱしのクリスチャンとして生きてきたつもりでしたが、仕事に従事する中でクリスチャンとして人生最大級の挫折を味わいました。その時に初めて、本当の意味で神様に出会えました。ざっくばらんに分かち合いをできればと思いますので、皆さんにとって何かを考えるキッカケになれば幸いです 。インマヌエル高津キリスト教会。

Kiyomi Shimomura

Born in Osaka and spent 7 years in Shanghai, China, due to my father’s work. Returned to Japan for university and completed an BS in mechanical engineering. Working for a general trading company in the development of electric power business in Indonesia as a sales position including 2 years in Jakarta. Grew up in a Christian home, attended the church before I was born, baptized at Christmas in the first grade. I thought that I have been a pure Christian without leaving the church. I realized that I truly met God through my experience of my first biggest setback at work. I’d like to share things with you hoping that you will get an opportunity to think about your faith. Member of Immanuel Takatsu Christian Church.